Recent Burn School Photos


Kerrville Summer Burn 

July 2005

Kerrville Prescribed Burn School

August  2006

Welder Wildlife Refuge

November 2006

Group Photo

Estimating Fuel Load


Post-burn discussion


Dr. Glasscock talking about range management....I think!



Checking perimeter


I hope he got my good side!


Tyler Hawkins-Texas Tech University



Putting in Fire Break  


Gillespie County Prescribed Burn Association

Burn School  October 2006

Numerous ranchers Outstanding in their field!



Group Photo

Welder Wildlife Refuge

Prescribed Burn School


Waiting for right conditions!


Brush Piles

Provide habitat for skunks, raccoons, rattlesnakes, possums, etc.  All bad for quail and turkey.

Increase wildfire hazard!  Increase wildfire intensity!

Group Tour of Double M




Dead Cedar!



This hat makes me look cool!

This is Hawaiian Punch Grass!

See the little Hula Dancers!


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