Management plans include a description of geology, natural history setting, climate, soils, topography, and hydrology. 

The property is divided into management units, with goals and objectives proposed for each unit. Other options for management plans include vegetation mapping, prescribed burn plans, vegetation control, restoration guidelines and grazing management.

Prescribed burn plans can be developed for a specific unit within a property.  The plan details the pre-burn logistics, prescriptions, contacts, techniques, and equipment necessary to complete the burn.  Prices may vary depending on size, terrain, location, and safety.  The minimum charge is $1,000 or $1.00/acre, whichever is higher.

Fire management plans can be developed for specific properties.  The plan includes prescriptions, wildfire protection guidelines, smoke management, escaped fire attack methods and burn management units. Prices will vary depending on size, terrain and location.  The minimum charge is $2,000 or $2.00/acre, whichever is higher. (Table of Contents)

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